We recognize and understand the challenges many cultivators face when growing 

industrial hemp.  As the scale of production continues to expand, it is common to 

underestimate the labor and capital necessary to secure and process the crop in a timely

manner. Through years of experience and working with industry experts, we have 

developed industry leading best practices to efficiently and economically harvest and 

dry large quantities of material. Below is a list of our harvesting and drying services 

provided. We offer both cash pricing and material split options to accommodate our 

customer’s needs. All services offered for industrial hemp, as defined in ORS 571.300(5) 

and OAR 603-048-0010(10), through the Oregon Department of Agriculture (“ODA”) 



We offer a variety of harvesting solutions depending on field size, topography and conditions.
We will visit the subject site to advise on the most economical solution available. Harvest solutions
range from $1,000-$5,000 per acre or 10-15% of material harvested.
Harvesting options:

1. Driving forager harvester - Capacity 20-75 acres per day
2. Tow behind forage harvester - Capacity 5-15 acres per day
3. Hand chop whole plants to be chipped on site or transported to processing facility. Capacity
1-5 acres per day


We offer a method to bale and preserve wet chopped hemp material for up to 12 months. By
utilizing this technology, Evo-Ag can harvest and preserve up to 75 acres of harvested material per
day. These bales are stored and opened when harvest lot is ready for drying. Evo-Ag will determine
whether onsite or offsite baling will be used. Baling services range from 15-30% of material baled or
$6,000 per acre.


We offer hemp drying services that can accommodate 20,000-150,000 pounds of wet chopped
material per day. Depending on size and location of the farm, Evo-Ag will determine the best strategy
and location for drying options. Drying solutions range from $2.50/lb of dried material or 10-20% of
material dried.

For more information or to schedule a site visit

Jerry Norton
(c) 971.388.4392

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